• How is Empower unique?

    We were fed up with banks and traditional "advisors" so we built Empower to be your independent, trusted financial advocate. Empower helps you stay on top of your finances, get objective, personalized recommendations to make your money go further, and discover and save hundreds of dollars per year.

    Here are just some of the things you can use Empower for:

    • Check account balances & track your spending
    • See where your money goes, with expenses automatically categorized
    • Automatically save to build wealth or pay down credit debt
    • Find a high-interest savings account
    • Manage bills and renegotiate to save (utilities, mobile, security)
    • Review subscriptions you’re paying for
    • Transfer money for free between any U.S. bank accounts
    • Pay your credit card bills directly from the app
    • Get heads-up notification to protect your credit score
    • And many more!
  • How does Empower help me save money?

    Empower is designed to help you better track your money, discover savings and get in better financial shape.

    We believe that knowledge is power, and knowing where your money is going is the first step to direct where your money should go. With Empower, you can see all your balances and transactions in aggregate. Incoming transactions are correctly categorized so you know exactly where your money is going. You can also set up SpendTrackers to shine the spotlight on categories you want to monitor. For less frequent users, we offer visually attractive graphs to review your monthly spend and compare month to month.

    Besides giving you an accurate picture of your money, Empower analyzes your accounts for opportunities to save, such as bills you can reduce, subscriptions you’re paying for, better savings accounts, credit cards or personal loans.

    Want to accelerate your savings? Set up AutoSave with Empower and we will move your money from your checking to savings account to build savings or credit card accounts to pay off debt, automatically. We never charge for transfer and you can save in increments as small as you can afford, monthly or each time you get paid.  

    Here’s another laundry list of how we can help you spend less and save more:

    • Being alerted of fees
    • Catching fraudulent transactions
    • Being alerted of bills’ due dates
    • Getting alerted about sneaky bill increases
    • Opening a high-interest savings account
    • Getting nudges for the best time to set aside extra cash
  • What institutions and account types can I connect to Empower?

    We support over 10k U.S. bank, credit card, loan, investment, and 401(k) accounts. To get started, we suggest connecting: 1) your primary bank account and 2) your credit card, if you have one, so you can start tracking your spending today. If you encounter a problem, send us an email at support@empower.me.

  • How does the graph on my home screen work?


    The graph on your app's home screen acts like a budgeting tool. Use it to track how much you’ve spent so far this month (solid white line), and whether you’re under or over your target, which we call SpendLimit (dotted red line).

    We automatically set your SpendLimit to your monthly income to help you monitor if you’re spending more or less than what you make. You can easily update your SpendLimit by tapping on the wrench icon on your home graph.

  • How often is my account data updated?

    Your account data is automatically updated 2-4 times a day. We make all this happen quietly in the background to keep the app clutter-free. However, we are working closely with our data providers to increase that frequency so you can get (nearly) real-time updates through Empower.

  • How do I use Empower to manage my bills?

    You can use Empower to keep track of your bills/subscriptions, get reminders about due dates, and be alerted if you missed a bill. Our app automatically recognizes recurring bills and subscriptions which appear in your transaction history.

    In the case our app fails to recognize your bills, you can tap on that transaction from your home screen and set the toggle for "Is Recurring?" to on. Also, you can subscribe to due date and missed bill notifications by tapping on "Notifications" in your app’s profile menu and turning the "Bill Due" toggle to on.

  • What if my expenses don’t fit in any of Empower’s categories?

    By design, we limited the number of categories to keep Empower easy to use. If your transaction feels out of place, you can always try using the "Other Expense" or "Other Income" categories. For power users, we offer Empower Premium, a subscription that give you access to more robust functionalities, including the ability to add your own custom categories. Check out the offer in the app for more details.

  • Do you have a referral program and how does it work?

    Yes, we do! To start referring friends/family, go to your app's profile menu (by tapping on the person icon in the upper bar of your app's home screen) > click on "Help friends save..." > then follow the prompts.

    You will get $15 after 3 friends join Empower and connect an institution. After that, get $5 for each new user who connects using your unique link - for up to $60 total. They MUST use your unique link or else you won't get the credit. This is really important!

    Once 3 people have signed up (AND connected a bank account) using your link, you'll automatically see a $15 claim button show up in your app's profile menu, which you can tap on to transfer the money to an eligible bank account. If you don't see the claim button, then unfortunately it looks like not everyone used your unique link so make sure they use it to get credit! Our app will not display who's signed up using your link. We also won't be able to apply your unique code retroactively after your friend has already signed up.

    If you used a friend's referral link to sign up, you'll see a $5 claim button in your app's profile menu.

    To ensure the integrity of the referral program, currently we don’t pay out to Chime Bank, Paypal or credit card accounts.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about Empower!

  • What is AutoSave and how does it work?

    AutoSave helps you build savings without ever having to worry about overdrawing your account. Our AutoSave feature allows you to select a percentage of each paycheck to automatically set aside every time you get paid.

    It’s important that our app correctly recognize all your paychecks so that every time a paycheck clears, we transfer your savings...that day! You can save into any existing checking or savings accounts. These automatic savings transfers will continue from every paycheck until you ask us to stop or your primary account balance falls below $500.

    To get started, tap on the AutoSave icon found in the Utilities menu on your home screen. You’ll be able to select what percentage of each paycheck you’d like to save, verify that Empower is correctly identifying all your paychecks, and confirm which accounts you’d like to save from and to.

    Use the money to build your savings, pay off debt, or grow your investments!

  • How long do transfers take and how much can I transfer?

    Your first transfer using Empower will typically take 2-3 business days. Your statement will show "EMPOWERTFR" in the transaction name. After you’ve successfully made your first transfer, all future transfers will arrive as quickly as next business day when the request is made before 6:45 p.m. PT. Note that next-day transfers apply only to checking or savings accounts (and not to credit card accounts).

    The transfer limit for your first transfer will be $1,000. After that, the limit is $3000.

  • How can Empower transfer money on my behalf if you aren’t a bank?

    Just like PayPal and Venmo, we partner with a leading U.S. bank to act on our behalf to enable free and secure money transfers. When you send instructions to transfer money through our app, we pass those along to our banking partner, who helps complete the transfer.

    Currently you can transfer between checking and savings accounts as well as pay down your credit card. In the future, we’ll be adding support for investment accounts.

  • Why should I get Empower Premium?

    Despite some really strong competition, we believe that upgrading to Empower Premium could be one of the best $4 you’ve ever spent. Why?

    • Custom categories mean a more accurate depiction of your lifestyle.
    • Unlimited SpendTrackers let you put a cap on every spending habits you want to control.
    • Chat with an Expert who has your back and comes with years of experience in finance and advanced degrees from top institutions.
    • Spend more time working and less time separating your business and personal expenses.
  • Is it possible to export my transactions from the app?

    Yes! We can send you an email with an encrypted CSV file containing all of your transactions. To do that, click on "View All Transactions" under the Transactions menu on your home screen. This will take you to a list of your recent transactions. Next to the word "Transactions" at the top of the screen, you will see a downward pointing arrow in white.

    Clicking on this arrow will give you the option to export your data. Empower will send an encrypted CSV file with all of your transactions right to your email account. You will need a password to open the file. Don’t forget to record the passcode that appears on your screen before it’s gone!

  • What is share mode?

    Now you can show your app to friends and family, without having to share any of your private financial information. When you turn on the scrambler mode (found in your app’s profile menu), Empower will automatically scramble all the numbers in your app as well as the currency to keep your privacy intact. Pretty cool, eh?

  • How does Empower make money?

    We built Empower and keep the basic service free so that  so that anyone could use a simple app to get ahead financially. For power users, we offer the Empower Premium subscription with more robust functionalities.

    We recommend most users get started with the basic Empower app to track their spending, and get personalized recommendations for their finances. In order to make the basic service free, we need to make money in other ways. We follow a number of guiding principles to maintain a high level of integrity towards our users and ensure we are never compromised by how we get paid.

    Our guiding principles are:

    • First, we will be transparent to our users when we show an offer for a product or service for which we may receive compensation. There will be clear acknowledgement of the fact.
    • Second, the amount of money we may get paid will not affect whether or not we make a recommendation or the order in which we display options to you as our user.
    • And finally, we will only make recommendations for products or services that we ourselves would use or recommend to a close family member. What we display in the app has to pass that integrity test.

    We care deeply about building a trusted relationship with our entire community. To provide feedback or suggestions on products or services listed through Empower, please contact us at support@empower.me.

  • How do you ensure the security of my information?

    Our top priority is to protect the security of your confidential information. We treat your data as if it were our own, and have put in place the same security measures for protecting your account that banks do. This includes 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, Touch ID, and strict access controls. Please contact us at support@empower.me to learn more.

  • How do I report a problem or feature request?

    We welcome your feedback! The best way to reach our team is by tapping "Help" in your app’s profile menu. We’ll get back to you right away.

  • How do I delete my account?

    For iPhone, please navigate to your user profile section and scroll down to "Delete My Account”. This will delete your record on our system, as well as any connections with your banks and deactivates any future AutoSave transfers. Please contact us if you have a transfer in progress before deleting your account, at support@empower.me. Rest assured, your banking credentials, transactions and balances remain the same with your institutions.

    On Android phones, please reach out to us atsupport@empower.me to delete your account.