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What is AutoSave and how does it work?

AutoSave helps you build savings without ever having to worry about overdrawing your account. Our AutoSave feature allows you to select a percentage of each paycheck to automatically set aside every time you get paid.

It’s important that our app correctly recognize all your paychecks so that every time a paycheck clears, we transfer your savings...that day! You can save into any existing checking or savings accounts. These automatic savings transfers will continue from every paycheck until you ask us to stop or your primary account balance falls below $500.

To get started, tap on the AutoSave icon found in the Utilities menu on your home screen. You’ll be able to select what percentage of each paycheck you’d like to save, verify that Empower is correctly identifying all your paychecks, and confirm which accounts you’d like to save from and to.

Use the money to build your savings, pay off debt, or grow your investments!

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