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Do you have a referral program and how does it work?

Yes, we do! To start referring friends/family, go to your app's profile menu (by tapping on the person icon in the upper bar of your app's home screen) > click on "Help friends save..." > then follow the prompts.

You will get $15 after 3 friends join Empower and connect an institution. After that, get $5 for each new user who connects using your unique link - for up to $60 total. They MUST use your unique link or else you won't get the credit. This is really important!

Once 3 people have signed up (AND connected a bank account) using your link, you'll automatically see a $15 claim button show up in your app's profile menu, which you can tap on to transfer the money to an eligible bank account. If you don't see the claim button, then unfortunately it looks like not everyone used your unique link so make sure they use it to get credit! Our app will not display who's signed up using your link. We also won't be able to apply your unique code retroactively after your friend has already signed up.

If you used a friend's referral link to sign up, you'll see a $5 claim button in your app's profile menu.

To ensure the integrity of the referral program, currently we don’t pay out to Chime Bank, Paypal or credit card accounts.

Thanks for helping to spread the word about Empower!

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