Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

  • How is Empower unique?

    We were fed up with banks and traditional "advisors" so we built Empower to be your independent, trusted financial advocate. Empower helps you stay on top of your finances, get objective, personalized recommendations to make your money go further, and discover and save hundreds of dollars per year.

    Here are just some of the things you can use Empower for:

    • Check account balances & track your spending
    • See where your money goes, with expenses automatically categorized
    • Automatically save to build wealth or pay down credit debt
    • Find a high-interest savings account
    • Manage bills and renegotiate to save (utilities, mobile, security)
    • Review subscriptions you’re paying for
    • Transfer money for free between any U.S. bank accounts
    • Pay your credit card bills directly from the app
    • Get heads-up notification to protect your credit score
    • And many more!
  • How does Empower help me save money?

    Empower is designed to help you better track your money, discover savings and get in better financial shape.

    We believe that knowledge is power, and knowing where your money is going is the first step to direct where your money should go. With Empower, you can see all your balances and transactions in aggregate. Incoming transactions are correctly categorized so you know exactly where your money is going. You can also set up SpendTrackers to shine the spotlight on categories you want to monitor. For less frequent users, we offer visually attractive graphs to review your monthly spend and compare month to month.

    Besides giving you an accurate picture of your money, Empower analyzes your accounts for opportunities to save, such as bills you can reduce, subscriptions you’re paying for, better savings accounts, credit cards or personal loans.

    Want to accelerate your savings? Set up AutoSave with Empower and we will move your money from your checking to savings account to build savings or credit card accounts to pay off debt, automatically. We never charge for transfer and you can save in increments as small as you can afford, monthly or each time you get paid.  

    Here’s another laundry list of how we can help you spend less and save more:

    • Being alerted of fees
    • Catching fraudulent transactions
    • Being alerted of bills’ due dates
    • Getting alerted about sneaky bill increases
    • Opening a high-interest savings account
    • Getting nudges for the best time to set aside extra cash
  • What institutions and account types can I connect to Empower?

    We support over 10k U.S. bank, credit card, loan, investment, and 401(k) accounts. To get started, we suggest connecting: 1) your primary bank account and 2) your credit card, if you have one, so you can start tracking your spending today. If you encounter a problem, send us an email at

  • How does the graph on my home screen work?


    The graph on your app's home screen acts like a budgeting tool. Use it to track how much you’ve spent so far this month (solid white line), and whether you’re under or over your target, which we call SpendLimit (dotted red line).

    We automatically set your SpendLimit to your monthly income to help you monitor if you’re spending more or less than what you make. You can easily update your SpendLimit by tapping on the wrench icon on your home graph.

  • How often is my account data updated?

    Your account data is automatically updated 2-4 times a day. We make all this happen quietly in the background to keep the app clutter-free. However, we are working closely with our data providers to increase that frequency so you can get (nearly) real-time updates through Empower.

  • How do I use Empower to manage my bills?

    You can use Empower to keep track of your bills/subscriptions, get reminders about due dates, and be alerted if you missed a bill. Our app automatically recognizes recurring bills and subscriptions which appear in your transaction history.

    In the case our app fails to recognize your bills, you can tap on that transaction from your home screen and set the toggle for "Is Recurring?" to on. Also, you can subscribe to due date and missed bill notifications by tapping on "Notifications" in your app’s profile menu and turning the "Bill Due" toggle to on.

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